Are you using NetSuite effectively?

We provide you with an in-depth health report of your entire NetSuite environment.

Perform A NetSuite Evaluation to Save Cost

NetSuite is an investment for your company and there may be situations where it’s not providing the value that was perceived when you purchased NetSuite. If it applies to you then you would like to think about:

  1. Are your business processes (AR, AP, Consolidations and others) automated in NetSuite?
  2. Are you having challenges in managing inventory in NetSuite?
  3. Are NetSuite users able to generate reports themselves?
  4. Can you send reports to stakeholders automatically from NetSuite?
  5. Is your month-end closing process cycle has reduced from pre-NetSuite era?
  6. Are you facing data quality issues in NetSuite?
  7. Are you chasing your team members for timely data updates in NetSuite from external systems (CRM, HRIS, custom applications etc)?
  8. Are you aware about the new features released by NetSuite? Are you able to use them?
  9. Are you facing issues with lack of training or documentation from current NetSuite implementation partner?
  10. Do you have regular audit process for controls and processes in NetSuite?

Backed by over 14 years of real-world Oracle NetSuite ERP/CRM implementation, usage and support, we developed a comprehensive review process of NetSuite implementations. 

Our certified NetSuite experts are here to listen and support you.

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