Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP are two of the most popular applications used by many organizations globally. Though a sales team loves working with Salesforce, NetSuite is much better suited for accounting purposes.

Despite running a one application required by the team, every working group wishes vital different statistics for sharing prices, quotes, invoices, conversion, bookings, follow-ups, conversation tracking, and contact information. NetSuite Salesforce Integration enables the power of data sharing and analytics between teams i.e., the sales team can easily track the process of customer conversion, ROI, and history. Information starting from contact creation, account, call & activity, quotes, orders, invoices, financials, etc. that is required to share between finance and accounting departments, is regularly and easily shared, ensuring data security. The data movement becomes easy with this integration that was earlier being done by emails and spreadsheets.

Integration Options

1. Direct and Custom Coded API Integrations (RESTlet)

Anyone can create their own core integration using the APIs of these two platforms and a RESTlet web service. Leveraging code and APIs, custom integrations can be very powerful and are often the preferred route for some operational teams. However, they require trained technical personnel and are time consuming to build and deploy, especially when it comes to two incredibly complex applications like Salesforce and NetSuite. For these reasons, they are difficult to scale. To give an example of how unsustainable these integrations can be in the long run, direct integration requires building your own key integration functionality. They must be accounted for in the development cycle, or they will not exist at all. Consequently, there are no monitoring functions such as audit trails. These critical functions are one of the biggest challenges of direct integrations, and it’s amplified when they deal with key customizable applications like Salesforce and NetSuite.

2. Recipes and Accelerators in an iPaaS

Various integration platforms offer “recipes” or “accelerators” as a starting point. However, due to the nature of NetSuite and Salesforce specific applications, these tools are only starting points in the integration process. They however still require deep technical knowledge in the integration platform and therefore require a significant number of resources to implement.

3. iPaaS-based integration applications

Integration applications are standalone SaaS applications that are built and run on an integration platform as a service (iPaaS). As a standalone product, they come with a full set of pre-built integration flows that are ready to use. iPaaS, allows for a level of robustness and customization not possible with other types of integrations. This functionality means you can build and deploy the integration even if you’re not an IT pro. While many other vendors offer recipes and accelerators to connect apps, integration apps are unique to Workato. Because it is a standalone SaaS application, Workato continually maintains and updates the integration as new features are implemented. Workato has implemented over a decade of experience and built thousands of Salesforce NetSuite Integrations to their flagship integration app.

How does a NetSuite Salesforce Integration help your business?

In SalesforceIn NetSuite
Automatically converts a Salesforce opportunity into a NetSuite order.Attach new orders from current customers into an existing record.
Access post-sales transactions such as invoices and payment status within Salesforce.Trigger a lookup in Salesforce for customers using NetSuite Order Creation.
Get real-time data synchronization between Salesforce and NetSuite.Automatically update billing and shipping contacts from Salesforce in NetSuite.

The integrated platform allows you to incorporate fiscal and accounting modules to your Salesforce database to gain important results. With Salesforce NetSuite Integration, you can create quotations or sales order invoices in NetSuite in real- time, directly from

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NetSuite ERP – the top ERP Solution, and Salesforce CRM – a giant in CRM software industry, two leading business software, two most used business systems, surely brings magic in the business performance and automation, after successful integration and implementation.

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