Upgrade Your iPaaS with Automation

Integrating data across the growing number of data systems and applications to handle workloads more efficiently and automate corresponding business workflows.

Workato - Integration to Automation

Workato comes packaged with thousands of prebuilt connectors for the applications you use every day. These include ERPs such as NetSuite and Sage Intacct, Salesforce and other CRMs, IT platforms like JIRA, HR platforms like Workday, and everything in between. Workato can adapt and change as your organization scales. The possibilities are truly endless!

It’s easy to implement integration-led automation to power experiences, processes, and teams. Workato’s simple visual interface allows companies to define triggers, line up actions, and establish basic logic flows. This rapidly connects SaaS (Software as a Service), on-premises, cloud applications, and Al into any business process.

Workato - Manage Business Apps Efficiently

The old method of integrating (manual work or custom builds) was time and resource-intensive. Scoping may take over two months, however with Workato, you can build a recipe in approximately two weeks.

Data Security

Allows users to secure access to data. Provides additional support for security practices like IP whitelisting, attack mitigation, and data encryption.

Third Party Integration

Allows integrations to business applications such as accounting packages, ERP software, E-commerce systems, etc to streamline order processing workflow.

Adapt Faster

Put your existing technology to work and go from idea to automation in hours instead of days.

Use It Everywhere

Support the full scale and diversity of your automation needs across the entire enterprise.

Build Together

Get everyone on the same page with a low-code interface for business and enough power for IT to automate even the most complex processes.

Govern Collaboratively

Give every team the power to automate safely with consistent security and governance.

Automation has emerged as a totally new discipline, providing business users with the tools, they required to manage their apps more effectively. You need a game plan for tackling those apps that puts you in control and gives you the best possible solution. STREAMS Workato Partnership leads to faster, more efficient handling of the integration work you are doing today, while also unlocking an entirely new source of value in the automation of key business workflows.

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Workato Partner
Workato Integration Service Provider in the USA, Canada, and Singapore

    How does STREAMS Workato Partnership assist your business to increase profitability and scale?

    STREAMS Solutions helps enterprises rapidly build and deploy application integrations in the cloud and on-premises using prebuilt templates and workflows to automate business processes and accelerate speed-to-value. Workato ensures data security with role-based access control, more customer-centric engagement, and reduce time with real-time syncing.

    STREAMS Solutions offers expert Workato consulting services, specializing in data integration, data hub development, workflow automation, and provides solutions in Workato. This enables companies to design, run, analyze, and securely manage their business APIs through a cloud-native platform to bridge the delivery gap. It also allows you to gain outstanding capabilities to self-serve IT, and transform innovation.

    Workato Partner and Consultant
    Workato Integration Partner and Consultant