NetSuite and Workday are two popular cloud-based business management solutions. Integration between the two systems enables businesses to benefit from the strength of both platforms. NetSuite Workday Integration enables the capabilties of organizations to streamline and automate processes across their entire business and increase efficiency.

The NetSuite Workday integration, a Hire-to-Pay process provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that allow customers to manage and synchronize data across both platforms. This includes the ability to transfer information between the two systems and to automate key processes, like payroll and accounts receivable. Additionally, the integration can assist to reduce the requirement for manual data entry and to quickly identify discrepancies in data.

The integration also allows organizations to take advantage of both platforms’ reporting and analytics capabilities to gain insights into their operations. This includes being able to track key performance indicators and to analyse spending trends to improve decision-making and budgeting.


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Integrating NetSuite and Workday is an efficient option for businesses to maximize the potential of their cloud-based solutions and to ensure that their data is accurate and up to date. Workday offers multiple integration options to NetSuite like delivered NetSuite Connector, Saved Search Integration and Custom Cloud bundle for CCDS Integration (for Saved Searches). Connecting the two systems, businesses can streamline their processes and utilize data more effectively to enable them make informed decisions.


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NetSuite Integration with Workday

Benefits of NetSuite Workday Integration

  1. Automated access to up-to-date employee data: NetSuite and Workday integration ensures that the employee information stored in both systems is maintained up-to-date, eliminating the requirement for manual data entry and reducing the potential for data entry errors.
  2. Streamlined business processes: By linking key processes such as payroll, employee expenses, time tracking, and recruitment, organizations can save time and resources by eliminating redundant tasks and ensuring accuracy across all systems.
  3. Increased visibility into employee data: Workday NetSuite integration provides a single source of truth for employee data, which makes it easier to access and analyse the data to identify trends and areas for improvement.
  4. Improved reporting: Robust reporting capabilities provide organizations with access to detailed insights into their employee data, from headcount and cost analysis to performance metrics.
  5. Enhanced security: NetSuite integration with Workday ensures that employee data is encrypted and stored in a secure cloud-based system. This ensures that sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access.
  6. Cost savings: By eliminating manual data entry and streamlining processes, organizations can save time and money.
  7. Flexibility: Systems are easily customizable to meet the unique requirements of the organization.

STREAMS Professional consulting service assists organizations get the most out of their NetSuite Workday integration, ensuring that the systems are configured correctly and providing guidance on the best industry practices.

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