Company & Culture

"We have a culture where we are incredibly self critical, we don't get comfortable with our success."
"We have a culture where we are incredibly self critical, we don't get comfortable with our success."
Welcome Team

STREAMS strongly believes in empowering its employees and building a healthy Company Culture as they are more likely to enjoy work when their needs and values are consistent with their employers. Our company culture allows each one of us to develop better relationships with co-workers and enhances productivity. We do this through a lens of CARE that is imbibed in every action and interaction; we have with our fellow associates, partners, and clients. Thus making long-term partnerships and working in synergy to achieve the common company goal.

Core Values

STREAMS core values connect behaviors and goals to the mission and vision of the organization.

Smart Solution: Specific | Measurable | Achievable | Relevant | Time Bound

Truth/Trust: Honest | Committed | Trustworthy | Integrity

Respect: Servant Leadership | Honorable | Compassionate | Stewardship

Excellence: Outstanding | Premium Quality | Diligent | Innovative

Accountability: Ownership | Dependable | Responsible | Punctual

Motivation: Inspiring | Passionate | Catalytic | Vision Casting

Success Together: All for One and One for All | Envision the Big Picture | Be Curious

Work Environment

A healthy work environment helps associates to balance their work and family life. We focus on the elements of fun and happiness at the workplace. We encourage our associates to showcase their talents and creativity during the activities held at the monthly REST Meets Event. We plan team gatherings and games for the associates to help nurture relationships within the organization on all tiers as the associates and Management participate together.

STREAMS believes that culture and the associate experience are inherently connected. Culture impacts the employee experience, and the employee experience builds culture. STREAMS provides the best associate experience for their people. We are a forward-thinking, innovative, customer-centric organization, with a goal to be an aspirational brand for talent and a great place to work for its employees. The associate experience is the culmination of all small experiences in the organization. It is greatly impacted by STREAMS culture and contributes to building culture. Associate experiences are all the interactions our people have within the organization: work environment, conversations with colleagues, and managers.

What Associates' Say

Good work environment and culture at STREAMS Solutions. Teammates are supportive and the management is transparent. The company policies and appraisals are good. I got a chance to wear multiple hats and that helped me to get a taste of different roles within the same team

Manish Chaubey
Senior Marketing Executive

I sincerely want to thank My Leadership, Management, and Peers for Trusting and Believing in Me and for all the continuous support, guidance, and motivation. I am glad that I can contribute to the STREAMS Solutions mission of "Transformation through Technology".

Chirag Kumar
Dell Boomi Developer

STREAMS provides an inclusive and supportive organizational culture that values associate well-being. We acknowledge them individually and communicate that we are aware of where they started and where they can possibly go to next. We embrace the importance of work, but at the same time understand the importance of maintaining a healthy life. Due to the global pandemic, almost everyone has experienced some level of discomfort. At STREAMS we have addressed the mental health struggles, as our leaders provide a platform for our associates to feel comfortable talking with us about mental health challenges they encounter. We have well renowned Guest Speakers at our monthly REST Meets to Motivate and Guide our associates and nurture them to develop into successful leaders.