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Client Portfolio

The Client is one of the largest transportation companies in the United States, with over 1000 trucks in its fleet and thousands of rides completed each day. In addition to their flexible and efficient solutions across 43 states, they operate five strategically positioned CNG refuelling stations in the USA. They work with hundreds of vendors to meet their trucking and driving needs. After obtaining physical invoices from their vendors, the client manages its thousands of vendor bills for accounting and payment manually in NetSuite.


The client desired to save manual efforts from the finance team to enter thousands of bills and eliminate date errors due to manual processes. The client also needs vendor self-service where they can manage their profile information, submit the requirement documentation and track their payment information. The data submitted from vendors should integrate with NetSuite ERP. After submission of data, it should be reviewed, process, and approve by clients’ authorized personnels.

netsuite erp for transportation company
Custom Software Development for NetSuite

Proposed Solution

After multiple discovery sessions, our team proposed a custom web application (Vendor Portal) which will be integrated with NetSuite ERP. The vendor portal will be flexible to scale with the future business needs of the client. The vendor portal will allow client’s goal of eliminating manual processes, data errors, and self-service to its vendors. The vendor portal development will not increase additional recurring cost for the client.

Our team and client agreed for a change management plan required for their vendors and client teams. Which will ensure smooth usage of vendor portal and NetSuite.


Following the high-level challenges and requirements that were resolved by our technical experts in collaboration with client’s team.

Vendor Agreements

→ The nature of vendors’ agreements are different such as route/trip based pricing agreements, service based agreements and so on.

The vendor onboarding process is initiated from NetSuite ERP

→ Submission of documentation such as W-9 and their bank information, from the Vendor Portal.

→ Review of the W-9 documents and vendors’ bank information from client team in NetSuite ERP.

Vendor Bill lifecycle

→ Submission of vendor bills and its supportive documents from the vendor portal.

→ Review of the vendor bills and documentations by client team in NetSuite ERP.

→ The vendor bill and its payments visibility to the vendor from the Vendor Portal.


→ Vendors and client’s team members should receive the action pending for them on their respective dashboards in Vendor Portal and NetSuite respectively.

→ Automated reminders

Security Compliance

→ The vendor portal meets the industries software security standards.

vendor portal development


The client is able to save hundreds of hours per month, improve data quality and have a scalable solution for everchanging business needs.

Our Custom Software Development for NetSuite service is a great alternative and replacement for third-party software integration tools. In Short, without giving NetSuite Access, we are enabling users to work with NetSuite.

Are you interested in custom software development for NetSuite functionality enhancement, or in an assessment to check the possibilities where can use custom software to save cost in your NetSuite Environment?

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