Business Software is an essential tool to a company or organization rely on which that is being used for daily business management and shaping the activities whether it is accounting software, HR software, CRM, or ERP. By definition, Business Software is a combination of different technologies that is being used to perform a specific business task, reduce time consumption and cost on resources, improve productivity.

Since the evolution of business and modern human civilization, we managed different modes and technology to manage data, business essentials, and customer-vendor relationships. We used leaf and Hard sheets of paper to prepare various books in the Double Entry System, Indian Accounting System, and others. Since technology shaped, we replaced multiple processes through technology whether it is accounting term, machinery, or evolution of robotics.

Here, we have brought a list of 10 best business software a company must have in 2022 to improve overall performance.

  1. NetSuite ERP
  2. Salesforce CRM
  3. Jira
  4. Odoo
  5. Bitrix24
  6. Zoom
  7. Engagebay
  8. Quickbooks
  9. Office 365
  10. Dynamic Web Platform

NetSuite ERP

Oracle NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP is a secure, reliable, and scalable platform that gives organizations clear visibility and control of their business from financials to supply chain, order management, procurement, production management, and warehouse management. NetSuite ERP allows you to streamline business processes, accelerate growth, and drive innovation. It provides support for back-office operations. NetSuite’s ERP application has long been recognized as a leader by industry experts such as Gartner, Forrester, and CODiE and used by leading companies globally.

Features of NetSuite ERP

These are the key features of leading ERP solution provider Oracle NetSuite:

Order-to-Cash Fixed Asset Roll forward Demand Planning Engine
Procure-to-Pay Integrated Financial Reporting Gross Requirements Inquiry
Audit Trail Visibility Flexible Payment Acceptance Supply Chain Intelligence with MRP
Tax Management Global Ready Cost Management
Flexible Depreciation Management Fraud Prevention Flexible Payment Processing
Workflow Management    
  • Order-to-Cash
  • Procure-to-Pay
  • Audit Trail Visibility
  • Tax Management
  • Flexible Depreciation Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Fixed Asset Roll forward
  • Integrated Financial Reporting
  • Flexible Payment Acceptance
  • Global Ready
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Flexible Payment Processing
  • Demand Planning Engine
  • Gross Requirements Inquiry
  • Supply Chain Intelligence with MRP
  • Cost Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Inventory Control
  • Inventory Visibility
  • Integrated Process Workflow
  • Centralized Vendor Management
  • Routing and Approval
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Product Costing
  • Manufacturing Routing
  • Bill of Materials
  • Materials Resource Planning
  • Flexible Billing Scheduling
  • Integrated Process Workflow
  • Human Capital Management
  • Core HRIS
  • Payroll Services
  • Incentive Compensation Management
  • NetSuite TribeHR

Benefits of NetSuite ERP

  • Branded as the world’s no. 1 Financial Management solution
  • Complete visibility of your supply chain
  • Fast track quote-to-quote process
  • Streamlined fulfillment flow and keep customers happy
  • Accurate Revenue Recognition Management
  • Optimize Your Employees’ Capabilities
  • Get the Most Out of Your Recurring Revenue Streams

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Salesforce CRM

business software
Image Source: Salesforce

Salesforce CRM is one of the best cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software used by most of the leading MNCs and other organizations. Customer relationship management is a process in which a business or other organization administers its interactions with customers, typically using data analysis to study large amounts of information. In other words, CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” and refers to all strategies, techniques, tools, and technologies used by enterprises for developing, retaining, and acquiring customers. This is #2 in our list of Best Business Software in 2022.

Features of Salesforce CRM

Here are the key features of Salesforce CRM:

Quote Management Opportunity Management Lead Management
Quote to Cash Einstein Analytics Mobility
Contact Management Trailhead Sales Forecasting
Partner and Channel Management Territory Management  
  • Quote Management
  • Quote to Cash
  • Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Einstein Analytics
  • Trailhead
  • Lead Management
  • Mobility
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Partner and Channel Management
  • Territory Management

Benefits of Salesforce CRM

In executing customer relationship management (CRM), you should know that it has a life cycle. This begins with marketing, moves to sales, then goes back to marketing and sales to keep the relationship. The roles of CRM are usually sharing files, showing sales, messaging colleagues, integrating emails, and using dashboards. However, Salesforce, the #1 CRM software in the world, goes beyond those features by having a marketing automation and a customer service tool. Here are the key benefits of Salesforce CRM:

  • Communicate Using Automation Tools
  • Utilizing data analytics tools
  • Syncing data from various applications
  • Using an omnichannel feature
  • Consistent engagement with current customers
  • View your audience in one place
  • Gather insights to understand your business better
  • Build apps

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Jira Software

Jira Software

JIRA is a project management tool developed by Atlassian in 2002 as a bug and issue tracking platform for software developers. Later with multiple featured updates it is well known for agile project management software worldwide. Jira Software is agile project management tool designed for the teams of every shape and size. There are three different packages of Jira. This includes ‘Jira Core’, a basic project management software, ‘Jira Software’ combines features of Jira Core with Agile functions, and ‘Jira Service Desk’ is specifically designed for professionals working in technology or alternative service desks.

Features of JIRA

To be competent as one of the best project management tools of today, Jira brings a myriad of unique functionalities and features. Let us have look at the most dominant features:

Jira Project Tracking Great Product Integrations Issue Templates
Agile Development  Issue Creation Activity Log
Mobile Applications Extensive Jira Search Time Tracking with Color Indication
Various Advanced Reports in Jira Real-Time Notification Unparalleled Connectivity with Jira Add-Ons
Jira Security Roadmaps  
  • Jira Project Tracking
  • Agile Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • Various Advanced Reports in Jira
  • Jira Security
  • Unparalleled Connectivity with Jira Add-Ons
  • Great Product Integrations
  • Issue Creation
  • Extensive Jira Search
  • Real-Time Notification
  • Roadmaps
  • Issue Templates
  • Activity Log
  • Time Tracking with Color Indication


Odoo ERP Software

Odoo is a suite of open-source business management software tools including CRM, e-commerce, billing, point of sale, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management. It is a great tool for small enterprises. Odoo apps are perfectly integrated with each other, allowing companies to fully automate their business processes and reap the savings and benefits. So why it is #4 in our list of Best Business Software in 2022. It is also recognized and used by Top Organizations i.e., Toyota, Hyundai, and PCI. The best thing is, it is a freemium software which some important features you may use for free lifetime.

Features of Odoo

  • It is an open-source software
  • Easy to learn
  • It is flexible and easy to customize
  • Can help to manage a range of industries
  • It is available in 32 languages
  • 14000+ business solution software at Odoo Store that can integrate easily
  • Integrated Scalability (you can use the variety of modules in Odoo as per your business growth)
  • All in one Accounting, Billing, Inventory Management, E-commerce, CRM, ERP, POS, SMS, Marketing, and Project Management Tools available at low cost.

Benefits of Odoo

  • Low cost of implementation
  • One solution for your entire business
  • Customizable
  • Easy to implement
  • Easy integration
  • Security
  • Scalable
  • Powerful Community
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multiple options to choose from, i.e., three editions in Odoo

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Bitrix24 CRM Software

Bitrix24 is an open-source CRM business suite that provides a platform to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents, and other contacts; founded by CEO Sergey Rizhikov and four fellow Russian businessmen in 1998. Bitrix24 is a unified platform for files, projects, messages, tasks, and contacts. The tool is made up for all sizes of business organizations. The key thing that makes this software different is it supports both web-based and mobile applications suitable to your iOS and Android devices.

As a collaboration tool, it offers Collaboration, CRM, Project management, Document management, Time management, and HR management tools.

Features of Bitrix24

Instant messages User Profiles CRM reports
Calendar sharing Time management Simple access assignment
CRM Email notifications Sales funnel
Company structure Tasks File sharing and versioning
Bulk email Project groups Activity Stream intranet center
Daily planner Task reporting Photo albums
Extranet Workflow  
  • Instant messages
  • Calendar sharing
  • Activity Stream intranet center
  • CRM
  • Company structure
  • Bulk email
  • Daily planner
  • Extranet
  • CRM reports
  • Simple access assignment
  • Sales funnel
  • File sharing and versioning
  • Photo albums
  • User Profiles
  • Time management
  • Email notifications
  • Tasks
  • Project groups
  • Task reporting
  • Workflow

Benefits of Bitrix24

The core benefits of the Bitrix24 Software are its robust features, flexible pricing, and scalability.

  • CRM Integration
  • HR Management
  • Time Management
  • Manageable and Secure Communications
  • Better Company Structure Using Management Tools
  • Flexible Plan Options
  • Web and Mobile Accessible


Video Conferencing Software

Zoom is a cloud-based video communications app that allows you to set up virtual video and audio conferencing, webinars, live chats, screen-sharing, and other collaborative capabilities. It is an essential video conferencing software seen a dramatic change in its growth and importance after and during the Pandemic adopted by all sizes of teams, companies, organizations, institutions, and individuals. Hence #6 in our list of Best Business Software in 2022 and maybe it could include in the all-time Business Software list as well. It is far ahead in competition with nearest competitors like Microsoft Team, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, and Skype. Video Conferencing is not a new technology, but its popularity increased by thousands of percentages these days dramatically.

Features of Zoom

Zoom Bombing Waiting Room Salesforce Integration
Zoom Rooms In meeting Chat Listen (Monitor)
Virtual Background Recording Call Delegation
Raise Your Hand Breakout Rooms Call Blocking
Personal Meeting ID Screen Sharing End-to-end Encryption
Remote Support Mobile and Web based 100+ Business Application Integration
  • Zoom Bombing
  • Zoom Rooms
  • Virtual Background
  • Raise Your Hand
  • Personal Meeting ID
  • Remote Support
  • Waiting Room
  • In meeting Chat
  • Recording
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Screen Sharing
  • Mobile and Web based
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Listen (Monitor)
  • Call Delegation
  • Call Blocking
  • 100+ Business Application Integration
  • End-to-end Encryption


Best Marketing Software
Image source: Engagebay

EngageBay is an integrated cloud-based marketing, sales, support, and CRM solution designed to help small to midsize enterprises acquire, engage, and convert website visitors into customers. It has various great robust features that strengthen its position in our list of Best Business Software 2022. It is a great tool that is being used on a broad basis for marketing and sales. To send email campaigns, SMS campaigns, attractive leads with various popup and embedded forms, click to chat options, are the broadly recognized features from EngageBay.

Features of EngageBay:

  • SEO tools
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Marketing automation
  • Email sequences
  • Landing pages, web forms, social media monitoring

Benefits of EngageBay

  • Simple and powerful automation
  • An affordable option for small businesses
  • Gentle learning curve
  • Plenty of useful integrations
  • Their Service Bay Help Desk is entirely free


Quickbooks Dashboard

QuickBooks is an accounting software developed by Intuit that provides desktop and cloud-based accounting applications. It offers solutions for managing personal, business, and tax finances. QuickBooks automates many aspects of managing your business by calculating sales tax, tracking products, and automatically updating transactions in your register, customer, and vendor areas. It is one of the best accounting tools for small and mid-level businesses.

Features of QuickBooks

Data Migration Chart of Accounts Invoices Generation
User-friendly Billing and Invoices Tax Calculations
Plain Sailing Process Customized Reports Business Projections
Bank Transactions Third Party Integration Vendor, Customer, and Item Lists
  • Data Migration
  • User-friendly
  • Plain Sailing Process
  • Bank Transactions
  • Invoices Generation
  • Tax Calculations
  • Business Projections
  • Vendor, Customer, and Item Lists
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Billing and Invoices
  • Customized Reports
  • Third Party Integration

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Office 365

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based SaaS solution that is designed to help meet your organization’s needs for robust security, reliability, and user productivity. Launched by Microsoft back in June 2011, this subscription-based service is paid on either a monthly or annual basis providing an incredibly cost-effective way for organizations to consume their production workloads. It is an important software service all levels of organization needs. Therefore, we have added Office 365 to our 2022 list of Best Business Software.

Office 365 includes the same basic desktop applications as traditional versions of Microsoft Office, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, as well as several other applications and online services for cloud file storage, secure communication, and collaboration. Tools like Planner, OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams come together to provide an unparalleled user experience.

Features of Office 365

As we know, Office 365 is a bundle of great Microsoft tools we are using for decades i.e., Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Outlook for various purposes and the case is like this that we can say ‘Who has not used Microsoft Tools who knows at least little bit about computers, no one’. So, here we have listed some key attractive and new features of Office 365:

  • Real-time co-authoring (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Inserting links to stored files instead of sending entire files to co-workers
  • Chat and meeting with co-workers in Office apps – TEAMS
  • Turning OneNote items into Outlook calendar events
  • Power Map in Excel: Turning data into a map
  • Bing Will Automatically Suggest Images
  • PDF Editing
  • Reply in-line to email without opening it
  • Working anywhere from any device
  • Office Planner to help organize your team’s workflow

Benefits of Office 365

  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Access Files from Anywhere
  • Predictable spend
  • Business Intelligence
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Simplified Virtual Communication
  • Ability to Work on Remote
  • Subscription-based Model
  • Collaboration

Dynamic Web Platform

Dynamic Web Platform

Considering the amount of time people spend on the internet, current scenario, and living culture, businesses too have moved online. It has become crucial for business owners of any size to have a website and a strong presence on social media. If you are into a business and do not own a website, you might be losing a lot of potential customers that you can get online. Online platforms are drivers of growth, innovation, and competition, which enable businesses and consumers to make the most of the opportunities provided by the digital economy.

A dynamic website or dynamic web page contains information that changes, generated in real-time, depending on the viewer, the time of the day, the time zone, the viewer’s native language, and other factors. It plays with viewers’ activity and displays the content that the viewer needs. We recommend having a strong online presence over directories, local business forums, strong social media appearance, strong and continuous visibility on Search Engines which is not leads to only your brand awareness but also attracts more potential customers.

Benefits of Dynamic Web Platform

  • 24/7 Online Presence
  • Information Exchange
  • Cost Cutting
  • Credibility
  • Broad Market
  • International Brand Awareness
  • Consumer Insights
  • Concise and Impactful Advertisement
  • High Customer Engagement
  • Various Multiple Growth Opportunity


We have brought an extensive list of Business Software that should be in the bucket of all organizations that are growing or aspiring to grow. Technology is a bigger part of business growth hacks. We at STREAMS Solutions is are a leading Data Integration Company and preferred technology partner for 100+ organizations in North America. Contact our experts here to get a free consultation to improve your brand visibility, cost reduction, increased productivity, and better business growth.