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Integrating Data, Processes, and People for Measurable Impact. STREAMS As The Leading Jitterbit Consultant Helps Enterprises Embrace Business Connectivity to Stay Relevant.

What is Jitterbit? – Everything you want to know and more

Jitterbit offers the speed and flexibility needed to enable cloud integration and affords the opportunity to select NetSuite as a system of record for accounting, product information, or even customer information based on business needs. With Jitterbit in place, NetSuite becomes the reliable backbone of a successful digital business.

The Jitterbit API integration platform allows companies to rapidly connect SaaS (Software as a Service), on-premises and cloud applications and AI into any business process. They help businesses make faster, more effective decisions by enabling them to unify and utilize data from all sources.

Jitterbit Integration Features

Integrate Everything, Achieve Anything.

Fast-track your integrations with Streams Solutions and Jitterbit Integrate.

Data Security

Allows users to secure access to data. Provides additional support for security practices like IP whitelisting, attack mitigation, and data encryption.

Third Party Integration

Allows integrations to business applications such as accounting packages, ERP software, E-commerce systems, etc to streamline order processing workflow.


Expands functionality while maintaining balanced loads. Serves growing demand without reducing functionality.

Traffic Control

Limits access to suspicious visitors and monitors for traffic spikes to prevent overloads like DDoS attacks.

Communication Protocols

Supports encrypted file transfer protocols like VAN, AS2, FTP/sFTP, and HTTPS.

Data Transformation

Translates complex datasets and backend systems into formats that can be interpreted by applications.

Jitterbit is the only iPaaS solution provider that has a 5.0 out of 5.0 rating for product capabilities and with a 100% willingness to recommend rating. In the past, Jitterbit was also recognized by Gartner as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service. STREAMS Solutions, a strategic Jitterbit Integration Partner, is an industry leader in providing Jitterbit integration consulting services, implementation, and managed support services.

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    How does STREAMS Solutions work?

    STREAMS Solutions helps enterprises rapidly build and deploy application integrations in the cloud and on-premises using pre-built templates and workflows to automate business processes and accelerate speed-to-value. Jitterbit provides application integration solutions to NetSuite with other applications by endpoint, industry, and role.

    STREAMS Solutions provides solutions in Jitterbit iPaaS enables companies to design, run, analyze, and securely manage their business APIs through a cloud-native platform to bridge the delivery gap, gain more outstanding capabilities to self-serve IT, and transform innovation.

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